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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision – Optimising sustainable psychological health and emotional wellbeing for people and their families.

Our Mission -To have a positive impact on the lives of people through the provision of high quality psychological services. Primarily through working collaboratively with people and their families in an effort to assist them to achieve their highest potential.


Martin Grigg is the Managing Director of onPsych Australia. He was a secondary school teacher, psychologist and student services coordinator in the Department of Education in Victoria. He has a strong interest in social skill training, disability and child psychology. After moving into private practice and consultancy, he established “onPsych” with the objective of improving the provision of psychological support to children, parents and teachers. Using four federal government programs, onPsych has been able to provide over 300,000 high quality services with no out of pocket expenses to either parents or schools. He co-authored “PASS-Process Assessment Support System”, which detailed a comprehensive assessment and support process that has been widely used in special education. He has worked in professional development and training of psychologists, teachers and “Student Welfare Coordinators”, and has a special interest in developing business models use cutting edge of technology.


Dr Natalie Flatt Ph.D is a psychologist and the general manager of onPsych AUSTRALIA. She is passionate about making a shift towards positive mental health in the community and has spent her whole academic life working with anxiety, phobias, parent training, body-image dissatisfaction and social related difficulties in children and adolescents. In 2005, Natalie transitioned from pure academia into the professional working environment by committing herself to bridging the gap between young people in need and high quality (no cost) mental health care services under the onPsych model, taking the best practices from academia and applying them to her professional working attitude. Her therapeutic work offers practical, evidence-based solutions to assist young people to overcome a wide variety of difficulties, ensuring ongoing emotional resilience, wellbeing, and improved self-confidence. Natalie is adamant that through the hard work of the company and the continued focus on mental health in Australia, a difference can be made.


Terese Schuts is a Clinical Psychologist Registrar and currently the general manager of onPsych for Western Australia and Queensland. She is based in Perth and managing the expansion of onPsych into educational institutions in the Perth metro area and on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Terese is interested in bringing high quality staff to work collaboratively with schools to assist students, parents, and staff towards increased wellbeing. Having the flexibility to work individually with student and staff or systemically with the family means onPsych can bring a unique and holistic approach to supporting children and schools.

Terese is trained in providing clinical diagnostic assessments and evidence-based interventions, and she provides supervision for provisional psychologists who are undertaking either their 4+2 or 5+1 internship with the Psychology Board of Australia. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings with individuals who have serious mental health issues as well as mild mood and anxiety disorders. Her experience with school-aged children has enabled her to assess and provide interventions for children at various stages of development and advise family members. In particular, she has experience working with a range of developmental difficulties, educational difficulties, trauma, domestic violence, anxiety, depression and a variety of difficult life events. When working with clients Terese uses a flexible approach so that she can meet the needs of her client, using primarily a CBT base, therapy also includes play therapy, narrative, solution-focused, psychodrama and systemic models.

Clinical Psychologist jobs Australia Offered Benefits

Clinical Psychologist jobs Australia handles the knowledge of behavioral technology and medical method. It really is a field of mindset which handles evaluation and treatment of unnatural human patterns, mental health problems, and psychiatric problems. It really is an integration of mindset and mental problem treatment, rendering it a challenging, yet satisfying career field. However, in order to get maximum benefits out of your education, you will need to enroll in another of the clinical mindset Ph.D. programs made available from many global colleges.

Regions of specialization

When you sign up for a Ph.D. program, you can gain specialty area in virtually any of the next specialty areas:

Adult or child mental health
Learning disabilities
Emotional disturbances
Substance abuse
Health psychology
Ph.D. programs offer two research tracks: general research course of medical mindset, and sub-specialty in virtually any of all these sub-fields of professional medical mindset. Any program that you select will put together you for a diverse selection of treatment and psycho-diagnostic types of procedures, as well as studies.

Through the program, you’ll need to show your capability to interpret and understand studies made by other folks. Predicated on this understanding and interpretation, you’ll be designing and performing relevant researches of yours. The programs will make you operate in diverse academics, research, and professional jobs by psychology registration australia. You are going to gain broad contact with empirical and theoretical underpinnings of professional medical psychology, and acquire considerable learning conditions of techniques and strategies of treatment and assessment.

In a nutshell, these Ph.D. programs can make you with the capacity of performing following duties efficiently:

Assessing, diagnosing and dealing with subconscious disorders of patients
Offering stories in legal settings
Educating students
Conducting researches
Growing treatment programs for patients
Growing programs for preventing social problems
Evaluating and dealing with drug or alcoholic beverages abuse
Eligibility criteria


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